Who am I? Many things.

I am a journalist, a music producer and I run a record label (which is called Injazero by some divine coincidence). I’m not a doctor, a yoga instructor, health professional, life coach or in any other position or profession to advise anything to anyone. Not that I want to…

My aim is to provide a working guide of a zero waste friendly London, gradually building this blog to accommodate the shops, companies, venues, brands and restaurants that care about the environment, and provide us with the products, the tools and the information to lead a more sustainable life.

I understand that it is not easy to for everyone to stand against the ‘convenience’ of a wasteful and plastic heavy life – or that is what we are led to believe. A lot depends on geography, budget and other circumstances and I can’t really judge anyone. But I can’t feel good about myself if I’m in a position to do something and not try.

So I want to use this blog to motivate myself and enjoy this journey to the fullest. Don’t they always say it’s best to exercise with your partner or a friend to get in the mood? What better way is there to get inspired than sharing your passion with like-minded people? I want to be part of this community, to interact with you, to learn from you…

Much love,