Who am I? Many things. But I’m not a doctor, a yoga instructor, health professional, life coach and I’m not in any other position or profession to advise anything to anyone. Not that I want to…

My aim is to provide a working guide to a zero waste friendly London, gradually building this blog to accommodate the shops, companies, venues, brands and restaurants that care about the environment, and provide us with the products, the services, the tools and the information to lead a more sustainable life.

I grouped my posts under a few categories.

Zero Waste Shops: Pretty self-explanatory. Here, you’ll find the zero waste shops in London. I’ll also include organic shops and cafés that have a dedicated zero waste section in their premises.

Bulk Options: Although they are not zero waste shops, some regular stores or venues offer a selection of products you can buy to take away or consume on the spot, packaging free. It is here you’ll find these places.

Friends: These don’t necessarily sell products in bulk but they encourage eco-friendly practices, like a coffee shop offering money back when you bring your own re-usable cups.

Media: Anything I read and watch that I find useful on sustainable living, I’ll share it here.

Blog: Thoughts, ruminations, bits and blurbs that I can’t classify anywhere else, will end up here :)

Products: Eco-friendly products I use in my own home, will be here.

I don’t do sponsored or paid posts to endorse products or venues. All opinions are my own. I am using this blog to motivate myself and enjoy this journey to the fullest. Don’t they always say it’s best to exercise with your partner or a friend to get in the mood? What better way is there to get inspired than sharing your passion with like-minded people?

I can only explore so much on my own and would love to hear your suggestions. Please say hello@gozerolondon.com.

Much love,