I finally made it to the vegan zero waste shop Hetu in South London. I live in Peckham but it was very easy to get to with a direct overground line to Clapham Junction and a 4-5 minute walk on top. I also got to see St Johns Hill it’s on, a lovely road with little shops, restaurants, cafés and pubs.

Hetu is one of the more generously sized shops offering the basics as well as some harder to find items. Everything in the shop is strictly vegan and mostly organic, it’s well worth a visit solely for that! There’s coconut oil, virgin olive oil and maple syrup in bulk. The non-perishable food containers are glass rather than the more commonly used plastic. They do have the essentials like various grains, seeds, legumes, chocolate, dried fruits and spices. They have vegan cheese and yoghurt in glass jars as well as hazelnut and almond butter freshly made on the spot (depending on availability). They have cleaning products as well, which are mostly from Greenscents rather than Sesi that a lot of other zero waste shops use. You can check their list of products here.

I love it that I can find vegan products here and will certainly be visiting again!

● 201 St. Johns Hill, SW11 1TH ●

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