A few nights ago we watched Cowspiracy on Netflix. Here are a few things I have learned:


It was one of the most disturbing things we’ve seen in a long time. I’ve become a pescatarian a few years ago, then a vegetarian and my partner is an omnivore. I don’t believe in judging people from a high horse and being pushy. Every step taken in protecting our environment is progress and everyone has their own journey. That being said, I also have to acknowledge that while going out of our way to save the planet with zero waste shopping, refusing, reusing and recycling, contributing to animal agriculture at the same time – one of the deadliest industries for the environment – is not condusive to our cause at all. So after watching this documentary, I decided to try harder and become a vegan.

A lot of people question the facts in this documentary so they put a long fact sheet on their website detailing all the research their information is based on – although I don’t need to fact check numbers as common sense tells me what I need to know. Even if half the facts are true, it is enough to disturb me as much as it did.

Strongly recommended! Watch here ▶︎

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