Transition to a zero waste kitchen

My kitchen used to be one of the busiest and most cluttered spaces in my home. Not anymore. This little corner I created makes me so happy and helps me actually enjoy spending time cooking.

The transition to a low waste kitchen meant I had to use up all the packaged products I had first. However, rather than keeping on consuming them from their plastic packaging, I put all of them in glass jars and containers straight away and recycled the plastic. During the process, I even found expired food from 2013!

This showed me what I use most for preparing food, what is not necessary and what needs refilling. Most importantly, it motivated me and my partner to keep the kitchen looking pristine, packaging, plastic and waste free. Now we take great pleasure in having a little walk to our local zero waste shop and filling up those glass jars with products we need ☺️🌱💃🏼

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