Martello Hall

Last night, we went to Martello Hall on Mare Street in Hackney for a little drink. Beer on tap is standard but I was pleased to see a big and nice selection of wine on tap. I later learned that they offer the highest number of wines on tap outside of the US. To be exact, they had five reds, five whites, one rosé and one prosecco served sans bottle. (I tried a glass of Verdejo and it was lovely.) 

According to one of the main suppliers of wine on tap, a bar serving 120 cases per month will save 17,000 bottles that need to be disposed of. I’m not informed about Martello’s supply chain so I’m not 100% sure about how they come in to the premises but serving wine on tap must be eliminating a lot of packaging. 

You may not be able to fill your own bottles to take away but at least, you know you’ll be leaving the pub with less waste!


● 137 Mare Street. E8 3RH ●

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