Buying Local

It hasn’t been a month since we’ve moved to Peckham and came across this sign on a closed shop window on Bellenden Road. One of the reasons why we’ve been drawn to South London was this feeling of community and a glimpse of village life in the middle of a busy city. So we’ve been really saddened to read this and although we don’t exactly know the story behind the closure, we can easily guess.

There are lessons in this for all of us. I’ve been guilty of using unnecessary delivery over buying local before but it is something I’m adamant to change. I realise delivery can be incredibly convenient and economical but if we are in a position to buy local, we should try. It would enhance the well-being of our neighbourhood and save the world from unnecessary packaging that comes with delivery.

The second shop window belongs to Worn Not Torn on Bellenden Road which is thankfully still in business selling second hand furniture.

All my best wishes to Paul ♡

worn not torn

Photo from the shop window of Worn Not Torn on Bellenden Road.

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