Lovely House Dim Sum

A really interesting thing happened the other night. At dinner time I got hungry and realized I had nothing at home. I got on Deliveroo and almost ordered from my favourite Japanese on Lordship Lane. Then I remembered how the food came in three plastic boxes a few nights ago. And then I remembered, “Hellooo, you’re trying to do zero waste, not just plastic free!” So many habits to unlearn!

What to do what to do? Local pick up then. I remembered the tiny little dim sum place on Bellenden Village in Peckham Rye called Lovely House Dim Sum, thankfully a 3 minute walk from my place. I called them up and put in my order. They are pick up only anyway so I grabbed my shopping bag (non plastic) and three tiny porcelain dishes with lids and headed to the restaurant.

I was a little scared that they would find this weird but when I explained I wanted the dim sum to be put in my own dishes, the lady’s face lit up! She said “Ah I wish everyone was like you, it would save us so much waste and expense!” She was very lovely, interested and encouraging about it. She asked me why I was doing this and I explained my new zero waste journey. She said that was something they also felt was really important, noting I was always welcome there.

Note to self:

• Obtain glass or porcelain containers with lids for take away.

• Forget delivery, opt for pick up from local restaurants.

• Once you figure out what restaurants are open to your requirements, it’ll get easier.

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